Why Move from a Monthly Website Subscription Service?

Did you start out with a ‘free' website? Not free any more?

Why Move?

Because if you stay with a Website ‘Subscription' Service
That is hosting and publishing your site at a charge per month –

My Pandamonium Marketing-SEO: Get a Website that SELLS

Then you are in the same situation as our friend here!

Save $1000's! My Pandamonium™ can create a website YOU own.

If you are paying more than $5.95/month for your website/website hosting –
Then you are paying way too much!

My Pandamonium SEO Websites and Social Media Marketing, www.mypandamonium.net

The Advantages of Your Own Custom Internet Presence:
  • You own it! From the domain name to the website and design – it is all your site.
  • Will lower your website cost substantially – even with the one time cost for a new site creation and website hosting set-up by My Pandamonium™.
  • My Pandamonium creates highly rated WordPress CMS websites. You can modify, expand and add to your site – as needed. 
  • Unlimited page, video etc expansion and unlimited emails (when using our recommended hosting: Hostmonster).
  • My Pandamonium websites include enhanced SEO and Social Media and Internet Marketing features.
  • You can add other domains/websites to your hosting at no extra charge  (when using Hostmonster).
  • No webmaster,  no programming and no html experience needed. (Or, we can maintain it for you)
So what are the drawbacks to a Monthly Charge Website Subscription Service?
  • Your website may be ‘free' in the beginning; but after the intro period your website cost will be TOO HIGH for what you get.
  • Any site feature upgrades or additions result in higher monthly fees; limited ability to modify or expand site.
  • Monthly subscription website services charge fees for expansion [extra pages, photo galleries, videos, emails, etc] or ‘customization'.
  • Usually No or very limited SEO Organic (Search Engine Optimization); Website in Flash or Javascript (which is not Search Indexed well, if at all)
  • With no Organic SEO – Pay per Click Ads [PPC] are more expensive – AND necessary
  • Some website-by-subscription  services actually own the domain you use (ex: ‘xyzcompany.com'). Those subscribers are horrified to learn that the domain name they selected for their business – does not belong to them!
  • Often limited internet marketing or social media marketing features. [Critical factors in today's internet environment.]
  • High Cost per Month – for all the ‘benefits' listed above.
My Pandamonium SEO Websites and Social Media Marketing, www.mypandamonium.net

Declare your independence from high monthly website costs!
Contact My Pandamonium To Begin Creating Your Own Internet Presence

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